Stay in Lodge

For whom?

This proposal is for those who wish to rest in the present time of the Amazon jungle, in contact with this wonderful nature that the rainforest offers us.

Located on the last foothills of the Andes, the Lodge is peaceful, revealing majestic panoramas, blending with balance and delicacy with tropical vegetation that unfolds, year round, under mild and temperate temperatures.

It will be thus possible for you to walk in our gardens of flowers and medicinal plants, with the edges of the river Cumbaza or to leave to discover the surroundings during daily excursions.
For those seeking wellness activities, Huamanwasi Ashram offers several optional practices.


Huamanwasi Ashram offers several types of optional practices :

– Meditation & Yoga (Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Shamanic Yin Yoga)
– Ayurvedic massage with digitopressure
– Drumming circles & Sacred songs, world songs and from the Amazon forest
– Sound massage & Musical nap
– Song Circle & Voice Exploration
– Tarot de Marseille consultation
– Holistic cleaning & Blooming bath (with medicinal and aromatic plants)
– Dream analysis (according to C.G.JUNG depth psychology)


The stay allows travelers to combine moments of rest in Huamanwasi Ashram with walks and rides around, visiting waterfalls, lagoons and beautiful landscapes, also discovering culture and customs of the peoples of the region.


The proposed food is balanced, vegetarian and mainly from the local culture.
Concerning the particular diet (vegan, lactose free, gluten free…) we are not able to ensure the preparation of it because the Amazonian area does not enable us to find the food products necessary to their preparation. You can however take with you your specific food and prepare it within the kitchen of the ashram.


We offer in the main building of the Lodge:

– 3 accommodations in single room,
– 3 accommodations in double room,
– 7 bed dormitory
The sanitary facilities are then collective with hot water showers and toilets.

We also offer:

– 1 accommodation in double room with private bathroom

Price per night full board per person from 35$USD.

You can also experience sleeping several nights in a TAMBO (individual hut) in the forest, in a MALOCA (traditional indigenous structure) or in the NIÑO DE LUZ House overlooking the river.


NIÑO DE LUZ is a two-storey house that can accommodate 4 to 5 people.
In the middle of the forest, 7 minutes walk from the main building of the Lodge, it is located in the heart of a magical tropical space, surrounded by a generous nature and overlooks the river Cumbaza.
NIÑO DE LUZ is a safe, equipped and ideal place to play “Robinson Cruzoe” of modern times, lighting up with the flame of candles (no electricity), washing itself with rainwater (recovery system) and letting itself be absorbed by the unfathomable brilliance of the starry sky.


TAMBO are small individual huts made of a wooden structure and traditionally covered with a palm roof.
In the Amazonian shamanism, they serve as a place of isolation during the diets which are carried out with the Master Plants.
A guaranteed and safe immersion in the heart of the forest.

Stay in Ashram 

For whom?

This stay is for those who wish to know or penetrate more deeply into the yogic art of living.

We call “seva” (or Karma Yoga) a selfless service; each person collaborates in the activities of the ashram and participates in making its organization fluid for 3 to 4 hours a day: in the kitchen, in the garden, by tinkering, on the computer…

At the end of the afternoon, we share a Yoga practice and, depending on the periods, also the morning one.

This stay is only possible outside the retreat periods, the work with the Master Plants is not included and it is imperative to be able to commit for a minimum period of one month.

It happens that ceremonies with the medicines of the forest can take place during the stay, according to the organization of the ashram; in this case, it may be reconsidered, a particular contract can be seen together.

Space for this stay is limited and we must evaluate each application.

The price per night in full board per person is 25USD (minimum 1 month)

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