Our Retreats

Huamanwasi Ashram is a space where everyone can choose his retirement according to their needs. We offer retreats with ingestion of plants and also without ingestion of these plants.  Our work with teachers and ancestral plants, is to create a bridge between material three-dimensional reality and multidimensional be not expressed. The higher self penetrates everything, but as it belongs to «no», we need with our efforts to find the access point.

Take contact with
those multidimensional planes inside ourselves, is the first objective of our exploration during the ceremonies with mother Ayahuasca and other master plants.

The second work by the
technical yogic and meditative, is to align our ego to the interior of these new information so I can soar and accept to experience in non-linear, non-segmented space of our world holographic.

Diets and isolation in direct
contact with nature, give our ego time to absorb, digest and then to embody those energies of expansion and direct knowledge, that due to our education has been forgotten, recognizing as well that we were educated but not« high ».