Argentine origin, co-founder of the Huamanwasi Ashram, practiced yoga at a young age and has initiated a psychology, biodanza and shamanic rituals through knowledge received by the plants of the rainforest. For over 20 years, he explores the medical vegetalist teaching and sharing between Peru, Argentina and France.

In Paris he co-founded the Centre Umachandra, a space dedicated to the awakening of consciousness through the practice of yoga, dance, ritual and devotional singing.

Teacher and trainer of Kundalini yoga and shamanic emcee, he combines in his teaching, traditional knowledge of India and the Amazon, while incorporating the reality of today, in a global approach be.
He considers that the
spiritual work must be accomplished for freedom and the expansion of consciousness. It supports practitioners in their path of healing and expansion of consciousness through the Word, singing, dance, breath work and postures static and dynamic. he defining itself as a “man-woman” ceremony, he reconciles his protection force of masculine and feminine warm welcome, being spiritual link with the unit and be incarnated in the duality of reality.
Creating beauty in everyday life, the
joy of living in the present moment, celebrate life, this is what dedicated Emilio and he shares with his students-explorers with great generosity. “The yogism, shamanism is to recreate, reinvent continuously,” he said. Through all his teachings, Emilio, as a therapist, knows how to listen to each to accompany the experience it through with sensitivity and accuracy.
Explore the world of plants for
20 years, sharing his teachings from Peru, Argentina and France.


Yoga teacher, practitioner of Body-Mind Centering ®, somatic educator, Romulo was introduced to shamanic rituals and the use of medicinal plants in Amazonian Peru and Brazil. It was during his many travels he received the inspiration and teachings of different ethnicities and groups ayahuasqueros ( healer ). He met people Yawanawa native Brazil where he learned the power of prayer ( incantations / invocations ) and celebration. He also initiated the medicine of the Amazon rainforest of Brazil people Kuin Huni. He participated in eight years to Santo Daime rituals ( spiritual movement that uses the Brazilian ayahuasca as a sacrament ).

He traveled to India, where he learned to play the harmonium and singing devotional. He combines his work in vegetalist energetic medicine Peru to the devotion of the Brazilian ayahuasca (Brazilian rituals) and songs of India.

Co-founder of the Yoga Centre in Paris Umachandra space pioneer dedicated to awakening consciousness through to yoga. he teaches yoga of sound, kundalini yoga and yin yoga, he accompanied by chants using ancestral healing instruments such as the gong, drum, quartz crystal bowls, bells, harmonium and tampura. He also hosts workshops of Body-Mind Centering ® and Yoga in Europe and South America. Yoga and the Body-Mind Centering ® provide him with the tools needed to integrate the multidimensional work of medicine of the forest.



Spiritual master of the indigenous community of Raqchi guardian of the sacred temple, she manages various communities in the region seeking to reintroduce the organic mode of his ancestors and retrieving knowledge that was almost forgotten after progression of transgenic crops in the Andean region.

She travels around the world to hear the voices and rights of Pachamama ( Mother Earth ).

She participates in Andean ceremonies Huamanwasi bringing all his love and knowledge.