Huamanwasi Ashram, a place in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest to organize your own retreats and events

Huamanwasi offers an atypical and magical place to organize your own programs or seminars such as Yoga or meditation retreats, wellness or therapist training, workshops in massage, performing arts, plastic or martial arts, creative laboratories and artistic residencies, Amazonian diets, short or long fasts, training courses and specific meetings for private companies, conference days…

Our center is the perfect choice for group sharing. The main building and annexes can accommodate up to 20 people but there are also possibilities for larger groups.
Our place, vast of 15 hectares, has several work spaces and for practice in interiors and exteriors harmoniously managed with nature : yoga room (provided with all the necessary materials), two malocas (traditional indigenous structure), diet land with several tambos (individual hut), ceremonial spaces, temazcal, terraces and patio, gardens, beaches and river.

If you wish you can request more information and a detailed TECHNICAL DATA SHEET of the center with all facilities, materials and all the services we offer. Availability and conditions can also be checked through or on our CONTACT page clicking here