Sacred Plants Preparation & Diet

« Feitio » is the moment when the sacred Ayahuasca medicine is prepared and this ceremony is filled with great spiritual symbolism. « Feitio » is one of the main initiation rituals, where knowledge is given and received depending on the involvement of each individual.
The sacred plant will be served during the ritual where each person will find its righteous place, giving the very best of themselves during the various steps, preparing the medicine, cooking the meal, singing, keeping the fire burning, meditating…

A real personal process opens up, where each moment becomes a multidimensional meditation.
Each step requires a strong implication with a high awareness and commitment.

Indeed, the ritual simultaneously involves a deep physical, mental and spiritual work, as the vegetal medicine is used during all phases of its making process.

After this powerful days with the community, participants will be able to undertake an individual diet for introspection with master plants in the heart of the forest, in order to follow the process of self-knowledge and integrate it.
The diet, which is part of the best tools in traditional shamanism, takes place in an individual « tambo » (isolated hut), eating whole rice and plantain bananas and taking master medicines (ajo sacha, bobinzana, mucura, bachuja…).
We will finish this experience with a « baño de florecimiento » aura cleansing (bath made of medicinal plants and flowers) and a last Ayahuasca ceremony in the nature.