Yoga Retreats

These 3, 5, 7 or 10 days yoga retreats will allow you to get in touch with an intense personal practice. The practice of yoga, combined with the power and the energy of the earth amazon, creates a strong connection between us and nature. A magical space of contemplation instills itself in us. Retreats can be articulated around different types of Yoga : Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga of Sound, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Body-Mind Centering®.


This retreat is for everyone, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners.

All participants will receive a personalized accompaniment with Amazonian flowers elixirs during the whole retreat.

Experience yoga as an act of magic in connection with the Amazonian forest energies.

Much more than a simple activity, Yoga sessions become real ceremonies through songs, ritual dances, pranayama, asanas and meditation.
Meet your Multidimensional-Self, and your healing abilities through ceremonial acts in the various natural sites of Huamanwasi: beaches, river, forest…
Now directly connected with Nature, you unlock the power of Kundalini (Mother-Earth, vital energy) and awaken the magician deep inside you.


– Morning Sadhana (before sunrise)
– Kundalini and Yin yoga Ceremonies
– Holotropic breath and Osho Meditation
– Cacao Ceremony

– Nāda yoga (yoga of sound) and mantra practice
– Ritual & Shamanic dances  
– Medicine songs circles
– Pranic walks (breathwalk)
– Pranayama for cleansing and inner purification  
– Offering to Mother-Earth
– Meditation and magic invocation of gayatri mantra
– Rainforest retreat in a tambo (isolated hut)
– Temazcal (sudation hut)
– Therapeutic individual work and dream exploration


BMC®, Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism
Animated by Romulo PELLIZA, Françoise BACHELARD and Emilio ESCARIZ.

During this seminar, our attention will focus on the seven chakras (centers of energy) and the changes we can do about that axis. We visit each chakra, one after the other and study its dimension both physical, spiritual and symbolic. We will then harmonize the chain of our seven chakras in order to meet our unit axis and hone our anchor, both earthly and heavenly.

Our tools are the Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Body-Mind Centering® (approach through touch, movement and consciousness physio-anatomical), dance and Yoga of Sound. To facilitate the integration, the work will be permanently connected to the environment of the amazon rainforest by acts shamanic transformation (sweat lodge, drum circle, a day of fasting in the forest…).

Our project will be to ask in-depth to explore our relationship to ourselves, to each other, the environment and more generally to identify our place in the physical and spiritual world. Beyond questioning the work will lead us to more awareness, alertness, responsibility and freedom in our choices.