Also called the yoga of Consciousness raising.

It is accessible to all in the context and pace of everyday life. It is a powerful holistic technology which acts on different planes of being through sets ( kriyas ), breath work ( pranayama ), postures static and dynamic sound ( mantras ), rhythm and meditation.


Yin yoga is based on a series of postures that are held for 3 to 5 minutes, which promotes the of the release of the deep connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascias…) thanks to the relaxation of muscle tissue and nervous.

This practice has its roots in traditional yoga affects our physical, emotional, mental and energetic. The practice of yoga yin yoga is accompanied by the sound (different ancestral healing instruments such as Tibetan bowls and crystal bells, flutes, gongs, etc).

Nada (IAST : nāda ; नाद en devanāgarī) : 1. Sanskrit term designating sound, vibration, sound current.
2. T
he first manifestation of the unmanifest Absolute; « This is the atomic motion and the sound it produces ».


« With the Yoga of Sound or Nada Yoga through the Sushumna nadi pranic energy routes ( center channel ) vibrate the resonance of the strings in the causal plane ( of the soul ), which produces the most subtle perception. Perfection is reached when the pranic energy reaches the Sahasrara chakra and then beyond, unfolds in the immensity of the absolute consciousness. »

Yoga of sound is a practice of active meditation through the singing of mantras, vocalizations with pranayama ( breathing exercises ) and some postures.



«The Yoga of devotion»
With the chanting of mantras we can transform our emotions in devotion to the entire universe.
Emotions have two options: they become devotion or shock. If they become devotion and penetrate the subconscious mind, then there is no pain or sorrow. Instead imagine her shock and become the shock penetrates the subconscious mind: we have a problem there.
There is then the formation of a structure and then finishes govern this structure. These shocks become our references and we call habits.


Devotion means putting our atoms in resonance with the atoms of the infinite.



The gong emits sounds of an infinity of frequencies with an intensity that produces an effect similar to a « massage of the nerve centers ».

We all used to work by channeling vital energy ( prana ) following some circuits we have. These circuits create engrams behavioral patterns in our nervous system.
Nervous system records the experiences of life at the cellular level.

The sound of the Gong breaks the old structures and decrystallize our unconscious programming. It opens the flow of energy and allows us to enter into meditation and deep relaxation.

Finally, the practice of Gong cleanses the subconscious and allows us to reach a state of consciousness through vibrational change our endocrine system.



Series of postures practiced mainly for downloading and relax.

This work allows us to reorganize and rebalance our body systems, creating a space for self-regulation.

After a healing practice our nervous system relaxes and the mind is calm and peaceful.